E-Liquids CAN help you quit

Most of us recognise the reasons we need to give up smoking – the potential harm is well documented and thoroughly understood, yet millions of people still do it. What’s more surprising is that when you speak to a smoker, they almost all state that they want to give up and have made various attempts that unfortunately ended in failure.

Such failed attempts can often lead people to give up giving up! Leaving them resigned to being a smnoker and accepting the inevitable consequences that one day will eventually befall them.

Think about how you start smoking. Remember the first time you did it, and the fact you coughed and spluttered as you forced your body to succumb to the volatile mix of toxins contain in that first cigarette. The trouble is the nicotine is the addicting component of cigarette smoking and the rest is just a very unfortunate cocktail of poisons, the harm caused by which we never truly understood or simply ignored the first time we decided to light up. If you are like me, and trying to quit using will-power alone hasn’t worked, you may find that using a replacement source for the nicotine is a far more effective. Although the effects are not fully understood yet, vaping is a lot better than smoking cigarettes and there are a whole host of different flavoured products you can buy which are available from hundreds of retails like debangstix.co.uk and even some more playful brands such as InEliquids.

Not the method I visualized when I started out on my quitting journey, but it has certainly stopped me smoking cigarettes.

During my 31 years of smoking cigarettes I’ve attempted to quit around 5 or 6 times – each time as unsuccessfully as the previous one. Until, that is, I tried vaping. But even with this technique I had to be ready to quit – I was actually so desperate that I would have been willing to do anything to kick the habit!

Thats when I started to take stock of the pros & cons:

* Smoking is harmful and has an obvious impact on your health
* Second hand smoke could harm the ones around you and if you’re a parent, you need no bigger reason
* Its becoming inappropriate to smoke anywhere in public
* The cost is rediculous… I was paying over £30/$40 per week to slowly kill myself
* It stinks, which you don’t fully appreciate until you stop

If your desire to stop cigarette smoking cigarettes is great, as the guy claimed, if first you don’t succeed … try, try and try again. This is the best advice possible as most people stop giving up simply because its the easiest option.

Plus there are many other benefits that vaping can offer – such as the range of devices and technical depth people go to in order to get the very best flavours and biggest clouds from their devices. To me, vaping has become like when I just first started driving and constantly wanted to modify my car. It was a silver golf GTI and I’d spend hours cleaning, repairing (…a lot of time was spent repairing) and generally making sure my pride and joy was something to behold!

Its the same with vaping – I now use a Sigelei device that allows me to build my own coils, I can set the variable voltage to optimise my vaping experience and this has become more of a hobby than a habit. There’s a huge range of cool devices out there from names such as SMOK, Innokin, but I have to say my favourite brand is definitely  https://sigelei.uk.com/


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